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Consulting and Energy Efficiency

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Azigrene energy consulting is a consultancy specialized in the energy sector that has more than 20 years of experience.

Its long history and know-how acquired through the development of a multitude of engineering projects related to the sector, make it a reference in various areas such as energy savings, energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy markets, among others.

Azigrene already has more than 60 employees specialized in various areas, which allows us to meet our quality standards to tackle large projects and continue to be at the forefront of energy, IT and environmental consulting.

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Specialists in Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency

More than 20 years of experience in energy cost reduction

At Azigrene we have extensive experience in energy savings and efficiency, energy management and renewable energies, as well as in the development of engineering projects. We offer different types of Energy Consulting, Environmental Consulting and Computer Consulting services:

Servicios de consultoría energética

Energy Savings and Efficiency, Energy Audits, Multisite Energy Consulting, Renewable Energies, Sustainable Mobility, Energy Certification, etc.

Servicios de consultoría medioambiental

Strategic Plans, Urban Mobility Plans, Carbon Footprint Calculation, Covenant of Mayors, RSU Studies and Projects, Environmental Authorizations, etc.

Servicios de consultoría informática

Custom development of software solutions, Business Intelligence, systems integration, Data solutions, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, etc.

Consulting and Engineering specialized in the energy sector

Sustainability and Environment


Soluciones Azigrene

At Azigrene we have different tools and platforms for the management, optimization and monitoring of energy billing, analysis and electricity consumption and prices, as well as for the comprehensive management of service projects in AAPP:

  • Energiza
  • Energiza Power Markets
  • Fiscaliza
  • Energize Forecast

Carbon Footprint 2021: 8.740 kg CO2 eq

Carbon Footprint 2022: 3.485 kg CO2 eq

Carbon Footprint 2021:
8.740 kg CO2 eq

Carbon Footprint 2022:
3.485 kg CO2 eq


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