Multisite Energy Consulting

Servicios de consultoría energética

Azigrene develops energy management projects and monitoring and control of energy billing in multipoint organizations based on the EnergiZa web platform.

EnergiZa is a web platform developed by Azigrene that allows the management, optimization, monitoring and control of the energy billing of multipoint organizations in a centralized way.

This web platform, expressly designed to facilitate energy management in organizations that have multiple energy supply points, is mainly focused on the efficient management of all information related to the energy consumption of organizations, based mainly on the characterization of all supply points, as well as the contracts and invoices of each of them. EnergiZa will make it possible to:

  • Freedom and flexibility in the analysis of energy indicators.
  • Reduction of the time it takes to obtain information and analysis.
  • Exhaustive control of the energy bill, from the base to the detail.
  • Access your energy data anytime, anywhere.
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