Azigrene Consultores S.L. management systems policy.

Azigrene Consultores wishes to express its commitment to Quality, its willingness to respect the Environment, make efficient and more sustainable use of energy, as well as the protection of the Safety and Health of all workers. Their execution is carried out with security guarantees, both for the information and the data with which Azigrene Consultores works.

This Policy establishes the fundamental principles to which Azigrene Consultores is committed in the development of its Energy Consulting activities:

  • Offer excellent service to your clients: high quality, satisfactory and that meets your clients’ expectations.
  • To achieve high quality services and add value to the tasks carried out, training and awareness-raising actions for workers will be promoted in order to improve their performance within the organization, and ensure involvement in the fulfillment of the established objectives and goals.
  • At all times, special consideration will be given to the protection of the Safety and Health of Azigrene workers. The necessary means and resources will be provided to minimize the possibility of accidents occurring.
  • Azigrene undertakes to know and comply with the legal requirements and to adapt its processes to the current regulations that apply to it.
  • To achieve the transmission of knowledge and collaboration among its employees, Azigrene promotes a positive environment of development and participation among its workers that improves communication at all levels.
  • Aware of the Environment, Azigrene is committed, for its protection as well as for the prevention of pollution, to use natural resources rationally and to seek the reduction of waste generation and energy consumption.
  • Protect the company’s information resources and the technology used for their processing, against threats, internal or external, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure compliance with confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, traceability, availability, legality and reliability of the information.
  • Commitment that both Management and its staff must apply the established information security measures and establish control and monitoring mechanisms for them. To this end, the company has implemented a set of objectives, measures, controls, procedures and actions aimed at protecting all assets, including the information, processes, systems and networks that support it. Our entire information security management system is based on continuous improvement.
  • Azigrene is governed by the principle of continuous improvement. By implementing and monitoring service evaluation and complaint review systems, you will adapt your procedures to ensure that the above fundamental principles are met. Continuous improvement must be present in all processes, developing corrective and improvement actions necessary to avoid the reappearance of internal and external problems.
  • Establish methods of notification, management and registration of incidents relating to the Management Systems Implemented in the Organization.
  • The management of all implemented systems will be developed under the principles of risk management with emphasis on preventive measures and mechanisms, rather than corrective schemes.
  • Establishment of general procedures and policies of the company, information security and good governance and anti-bribery standards of mandatory compliance, which will be disseminated to all company personnel and relevant interested parties.

The fundamental principles set forth are developed in detail in the procedures of the Management System. These principles will be present in all activities in which Azigrene Consultores participates.

The Management extends this commitment to all employees, as well as to those who act on behalf of Azigrene Consultores, so that they comply with the guidelines of this policy, which will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure that they are always appropriate to the activities of the company. organization

In Valencia, May 24, 2021.