Self-consumption Manager

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Azigrene is in charge of performing the role of Self-Consumption Manager in collective self-consumption facilities, fulfilling the following functions:

  • Centralization of administrative procedures and communications, receiving and organizing all documentation related to collective self-consumption: projects, authorizations and CIEs.
  • Advising consumers on sharing agreements, defining the criteria, establishing the coefficients and sending the corresponding retailers this information on collective self-consumption.
  • Initiate collective self-consumption on behalf of each associated consumer, contacting the distribution company to modify the ATR contract.
  • Process the modification of supply contracts with retailers.
  • Negotiation of the sale prices of surpluses, in cases where there is a self-consumption modality with surpluses eligible for compensation.
  • Readjust the distribution agreements when there are new consumers or in the event of the withdrawal of any of the existing ones, as well as informing the rest how their coefficients will be affected and collecting the signatures of acceptance of the new distributions.
  • Claim of incidents related to delays or incorrect application of schedules or activations.
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