Power Generation under Special Regime

Servicios de consultoría energética


Advice on the sale of electricity for power generation plants under the Special Regime.

  • Management of the sale of energy to the electricity market (OMIE).
  • Continuous advice on technical, financial (guarantees), legal and contractual processes related to OMIE.
  • Implementation, support and advice in all the procedures, registrations and guarantees necessary to operate in the market (OMIE and REE). It includes all types of communications with the Ministry, Distributor, CNMC, OMIE, REE and MEFF-CLEAR.
  • Assistance in the implementation of the models required by Red Eléctrica (REE) to participate in the market.
  • Creation and sending of personalized offers in the OMIE daily market 365 days a year.
  • Processing deviations. Minimization of deviations based on the analysis of the load curve and existing consumption forecasts.
  • Periodic reports on the evolution of consumption.
  • Supervision and control of financial guarantees to operate in the market.
  • Checking the settlements of the market option (OMIE, REE and Dealer).
  • Submission of claims to OMIE and REE in the event of any discrepancies in the settlements with discrepancies. Advice for representation in the electricity market.


  • Technical, economic and legal feasibility studies for the implementation of cogeneration plants in industries, buildings, treatment plants, greenhouses, heated swimming pools, landfills, etc.
  • Development of technical-administrative projects for the legalization of facilities and acceptance of the Special Regime.
  • Search for grants and subsidies for feasibility studies, energy audits and investments in equipment.
  • Third-Party Financing.
  • Advice on the presentation of the annual summary report.
  • Studies for the improvement of the R.E.E. of the cogeneration plant.
  • Economic management of the farm. Optimization of profitability through daily management:
    • Time management carried out 365 days a year.
    • Revenue forecasting.
    • Forecast of starts and stops.
    • Advice for the best backup power purchase option
    • Advice on the best option for selling energy.
    • Information on the economic performance of cogeneration each of the 8,760 hours of the year at least 8 hours in advance, with the possibility of intelligent management at both the level of electrical energy and fuel (Natural Gas).
    • Management of the daily sale of energy to the market.
    • Historical analysis of the results of the cogeneration system in any past situation.
    • Analysis of results by simulated modification of the load curve.
    • Cost-effectiveness of scaling up and downsizing the cogeneration system.
    • Optimization of reactive power in the different time periods.
    • Trading on the daily markets 365 days a year.
    • Follow-up and resolution of settlement incidents.
Servicios de consultoría energética
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