Environmental Consulting

Servicios de consultoría medioambiental


Experts in environmental management. Azigrene offers different environmental consulting services for companies and organizations, both public and private.

Azigrene’s own tool specially designed for monitoring and calculating the carbon footprint in multipoint organizations with an international presence.

Creation of strategic energy plans for autonomous communities and companies to optimize the use of energy resources, improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Drafting of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP), a comprehensive strategy designed to manage and improve mobility in urban environments in a sustainable manner.

Development and advice on all documentation related to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Sustainable Energy, the main European movement involving local and regional authorities on a voluntary basis to reduce CO2 emissions.

A comprehensive assessment process conducted prior to a business transaction, investment or project to identify and evaluate the environmental risks associated with a specific property, business or activity.

Assistance to municipalities for the implementation of urban street cleaning and waste collection services: study for the sizing of services, budget and technical specifications.



Service to provide municipalities with a methodology and the necessary resources, both technical and human, to make it possible to compare the services received with those required in the specifications.

Advice and preparation of documentation on grants and subsidies in the energy sector. Analysis of existing climate and energy subsidies and grants.