Energy saving and efficiency

Servicios de consultoría energética


Carrying out Energy Saving and Efficiency Studies aimed at reducing consumption, reducing energy bills and implementing renewable energies:

  • Energy audits in industries and buildings for tertiary use/services.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies for the implementation of energy saving measures.
  • Investment and financing plans. Processing of aid and subsidy files for the financing of investments for the energy optimisation of your facilities.
  • Tailor-made development of advanced multi-star energy management and advisory systems: energiZa©.
  • Remote energy management: permanent monitoring of the real consumption curve of any installation.
  • Energy savings in the building. Technical Building Code: DB-HE (Energy Certification of Buildings).
  • Advice for the implementation of an ISO 50.001 Energy Efficiency Management System.
  • Energy modelling and energy simulation of buildings.
  • Energy savings measurement and verification services for energy service contracts following the IPMVP (International Performance and Verfification Protocol) protocol defined by EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization).
  • Carbon footprint calculation.
  • Sustainable Mobility.
  • Management of grants and subsidies.
  • Formation.


By carrying out the energy audit, the following will be achieved:

  • Know, in detail, the current state of the facilities.
  • Obtain the energy saving potential of the facilities if they were to be subjected to the recommendations proposed.
  • Obtain the distribution of consumption.
  • Inventory of consumer equipment.
  • On-site measurements. Available measuring equipment:
  • Lux meter + presence detector.
  • Thermo-hygrometer.
  • Power Grid Analyzer.
  • Temperature loggers.
  • Thermal imaging camera.
  • Humidity loggers.
  • Flue gas analyzer.
  • Power Quality Analyzer.
  • Gas flowmeter.
  • Analysis of energy supply (electricity + gas).
  • Energy analysis of horizontal technologies and production processes.
  • Analysis of savings possibilities (economic savings, energy savings and economic return on investment).
  • Information on grants and subsidies.
Servicios de consultoría energética
Servicios de consultoría energética


Carrying out energy studies and plans for national and European public bodies:

  • Energy planning.
  • Sectoral studies.
  • Regional studies.
  • Specific regulations and regulations.

Development of Energy Plans for Municipalities:

  • Identification of savings options in municipal consumption centers.
  • Proposals for improvement.
  • Awareness plans.
  • Advice for the implementation of the measures through energy service companies (ESCOs).
  • Smart City Consulting.
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