Management Audits

Servicios de consultoría medioambiental

Performance Audits and Contract Audits.

It provides the City Council with the necessary methodology and resources, both technical and human, to make it possible to compare the benefits received and those required in the specifications.

An exhaustive analysis of the specifications and the offer of the contractor company is carried out, obtaining a detailed detail of:

  • The services to be performed.
  • The periodicity of the tasks to be performed.
  • The resources committed for its proper execution.
  • Forms of payment for the benefit, if it is linked to results.

The resources allocated are adapted to the type of contract and to the specific needs of the City Council at different levels:

  • LEVEL 1.-Analysis of the specifications and offer and development of a complete check-list of tasks and periodicities for subsequent verification by the municipal technician.

  • LEVEL 2.- Adaptation of our computer application SUPERVISES to the specific contract, for the monitoring of the contract directly by the municipal technical services through an advanced monitoring application.

  • LEVEL 3.- Continuous assistance from Azigrene’s technical staff for the follow-up of the contract, including personnel assigned to on-site inspections.

Advantages of the service

  • Improvement of the quality of the service provided and perceived by citizens. The City Council receives the contracted services in full.
  • It makes it possible to define, obtain and monitor quality indicators of the services provided.
  • It makes it possible to adjust the amount to be paid for the services actually provided. GENERATE SAVINGS OR AVOID EXTRA COSTS FOR EXTRAORDINARY SERVICES.
  • It allows you to group together various sources of communication of incidents on the service, manage their resolution and communication with the public.
  • It allows information to be obtained for subsequent bidding processes for the same service.

Why it improves the quality of service

  • The established benefits are completed.
  • The existence of a control methodology improves the planning of tasks to be executed by the company and thus its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • It allows the registration and monitoring of incidents related to the service, improving information flows, reducing possible repetitions and resolution time.
Servicios de consultoría medioambiental
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