Energy Certification

Servicios de consultoría energética


A home energy rating is a measure of how energy-efficient a home is, used primarily in developed countries. The energy rating can be used for both existing and new homes. If an existing home has an energy rating, it will be easier to implement improvements to increase its energy efficiency. Homeowners will be able to use the report to determine the most effective ways in which energy efficiency can be improved. A new home that has an energy rating allows buyers to compare the energy efficiency of homes that are considering a purchase.

In order to obtain the energy rating of the buildings, we carry out the following:

  • Theoretical modelling of the building’s energy demand through the LIDER programme.
  • Once the calculation of the building’s energy demand has been made, the Energy Rating is calculated through the CALENER tool in two alternatives:
    • CALENER V and P, intended for housing and small tertiary facilities.
    • CALENER GT, focused on the analysis of the great tertiary.
    • CE3 programme for existing buildings.
    • CE3X program for existing buildings or new construction.
    • CYPETHERM program for existing buildings or new construction.

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