Azigrene - Energiza


ENERGIZA is a web-based platform that allows the management, optimisation and monitoring of the energy billing of multipoint organisations in a centralised way.

Energiza Power Markets

ENERGIZA POWER MARKETS is the first on-line platform that brings together data from different websites for the analysis of all the variables that make up the price of electricity and NG.

Azigrene - Energiza Power Markets
Azigrene - Energiza Forecast

Energiza SmartMonitor

ENERGIZA SMARTMONITOR is an application for predictive modelling of energy consumption and market prices based on machine learning.


New Carbon Footprint monitoring and calculation tool specially designed for multipoint organizations with international implementation.

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Azigrene - Fiscaliza


FISCALIZA is a tool for the comprehensive management and monitoring of service projects in Public Administration.