Strategic Plans

Servicios de consultoría medioambiental

Creation of strategic energy plans for autonomous communities and companies.

A Strategic Energy Plan is a document that sets out a long-term vision and defines specific objectives, policies, and actions to guide the sustainable development of the energy sector in a specific region. The main objective of this type of plan is to optimize the use of energy resources, improve efficiency, promote the diversification of energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Development of plans with the following content:

  • Socio-economic and energy context.
  • Analysis of the current energy situation.
  • Setting Goals for the Target Year.
  • Creation of trend scenario and target scenario.
  • Participation.
  • Definition of lines of action and impact analysis.
  • Sectoral planning and specific programmes.
  • Associated Investments.
  • Definition of indicators.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the strategy.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment.
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