Carbon Footprint Calculation

Cálculo de la huella de carbono

The CARBON FOOTPRINT represents a measure for the contribution of organizations to be socially responsible entities and another element of awareness for the assumption among citizens of more sustainable practices.

This initiative aims to quantify the amount of GHG emissions, measured in CO2 equivalent emissions, that are released into the atmosphere due to our daily activities or the marketing of a product. This analysis covers all the activities of its life cycle (from the acquisition of raw materials to their management as waste) allowing consumers to decide which products to buy based on the pollution generated as a result of the processes it has gone through.

Measuring a product’s carbon footprint creates real benefits for organizations. The carbon footprint identifies the sources of a product’s GHG emissions. This therefore makes it possible to define better targets, more effective emission reduction policies and better targeted cost savings initiatives, all as a consequence of a better understanding of the critical points for emission reduction, which may or may not be the direct responsibility of the organization.

Herramienta de monitorización y cálculo de la Huella de Carbono de Azigrene

Carbon Footprint Monitoring and Calculation

New tool for monitoring and calculating the Carbon Footprint. A multisite tool that has different databases for the recording of data and its subsequent calculations: emissions, list of issuers, emission factors, originators, types, etc.