ENERGIZA is a web platform that allows the centralised management, optimisation and monitoring of the energy invoicing of multi-site organisations.

This web platform, expressly designed to facilitate energy management in organisations with multiple energy supply points, is mainly focused on the efficient management of all the information related to the energy consumption of the organisations, mainly based on the characterisation of all the supply points, as well as the contracts and invoices of each one of them.

Main features

  • Manages the complete catalogue of energy installations of one or multiple organisations of one or multiple organisations.
  • Comprehensive management of the contracting and invoicing of all supply points supply points.
  • Obtaining meter load curves and network analyzers.
  • Automatic and advanced diagnostics on the state of the installations and on the energyinstallations and energy bills (electricity, NG and water).
  • Generation and obtaining of multiple reports, both automatic and customisable.
  • Accessible via web for the client and for the energy manager.
  • Advanced access control to system information configurable according to the client’s needs.
  • Immediate availability without additional infrastructure costs.
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